Follow the truck and partner for sales leads.

by Ken Morimoto

If you want to be the best office supply sales guy, follow the trucks.

Follow their trucks if you sell Oracle, MSFT, etc.  Therefore go find job postings.  Pose as a software programmer.  Then go other door and introduce your services.  Be anonymous.

Another strategy is partner.  For example find companies who have relationships with your future clients.  Be a complimentary partner. For example partner with hardware providers if you’re a software house.

Double down on product versus services to scale!  When your in services you make other goals a reality and not yours.  If your that good, then build it and get credit for it.

From interview by Mixergy.

Dan Martell is the co-founder of Flowtown, which makes social media powerful. Previously, he founded Spheric Technologies, providers of IT consulting and service